Harare The Heart Of Zimbabwe

August 17, 2017

The capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, is a beautiful, light-filled, open city, high on the country’s central plateau. Explore a city of modern buildings, wide thoroughfares, numerous parks and gardens simply by taking a flight to Harare. A city whose streets is lined with flowering trees and a wonderful and stimulating climate. There is a strong appreciation for the city’s cultural and historical heritage and a number of the older buildings have been preserved .Zimbabwe Harare

Zimbabwe Harare

Check out the Mining Pension Fund Building at Central Avenue and Second Street, which is an example, and many more are to be found along Robert Mugabe Road between Second Street and Julius Nyerere Way. The heart of Zimbabwe, just calling you. Take your Harare flight to discover this and much more.

The National Gallery houses hold, a valuable and interesting national collection. It also hosts travelling international exhibitions and has a permanent display of some outstanding Shona soft-stone arts. The Kopje, a granite hill rising above the south-west corner of central Harare, is a great place to go for views of the city. In the National Archives houses, the precious collection of Rhodesiana and Africana in the form of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins. Where greatest names in African exploration and missionary can be viewed. Other institutions which are well worth visiting include; the Queen Victoria Museum and the Queen Victoria National Library, both at the Civic Centre, in Rotten Row. Zimbabwe Harare

The National Botanic Garden with more than 900 species of wild trees and shrubs from all over the country, was laid out with large open spaces. The Mukuvisi Woodlands is 277 hectares of remarkably preserved natural woodland that stances astraddle the banks of the small Mukuvisi stream. Zimbabwe Harare

Harare The Heart Of ZimbabweA variety of bird and of wild animal species such as giraffe, zebra, impala, Tsessche, wildebeest, bush buck, Steinbuck, reed buck and eland can be viewed in the Mukuvisi Woodlands. Reach to this amazing Woodland simply by getting your flight to Harare. The open flea-market at Mbare is there where you need to stroll around in, if you want to experience shopping the way as traditionally done in many African countries. Here tourists can feast their eyes on a colorful bunch of baskets, food, clothing and other items.

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