Travel Guide Accra, Ghana

January 15, 2015
Attractions of Accra1

Attractions of Accra1History and Accra Linguistic

The Accra was founded in the 17th century by the Ga people, it became the capital of the British Gold Coast in 1877. After the Ghana independence, Accra became the capital of the newly independent state. Accra is the capital city of Ghana with a population approaching three million. The Official language of Ghananian Capital, Accra, is English, but it is not the basic language of the people of Accra. As the local language of Accra is Ga, yet Twi, Ewe and Hausa are from the widely spoken languages in the Accra. Accra has rich modern buildings and dusty shanty towns.

Accra International Airport: Get in Accra

The Kotoka International Airport is a center for the international connections from North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with the internal connections with the Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi, and regional connections to nearly every West African country. The Arik Air is a very cheap way to reach Accra from various locations in Africa.

Attractions of Accra2Get around in Accra

Accra’s best attractions are scattered across a relatively wide area, so if you can afford the modest prices the best thing to do is hire a car and driver to take you around. If you need an SUV or a sedan there are plenty of affordable options. Rates increase if you abandon metro Accra, which is good and a fair way to move in to Accra. On foot, Though the city is passably spread out, Accra is almost safe to walk around during the day (and night, in many areas). By taxi, the typical Accra taxi cab. Travel Guide Accra Ghan.  There are very few Ghanaian cabs with meters. Never get into a taxi without first asking the fare, you must negotiate how much you are willing to pay before you start the trip. Tro Tro, the Trotros are usually very crowded and dilapidated minivans and minibuses that act as the city’s public transit system. They are the cheapest way to travel (fare ranges from GHC0.30-1.00), but can be very slow, especially during the busy hour.Travel Guide Accra Ghana

Attractions of Accra

The National Museum. It offers visitors a glance at Ghanaian history and culture from prehistory to the present. The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. The park was created to honor Kwame Nkrumah, who led Ghana to its independence and became the nation’s first president. The Independence Square. Also known as Black Star Square for the large black star located atop the Independence Arch. The W.E.B. Attractions of Accra3DuBois Memorial Centre. W.E.B. DuBois was a famous American author who moved to Ghana near the end of his life feeling his efforts to create equality were all in vain and that America would never accept black people equal to them. The Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop, Teshie First terminal. Travel Guide Accra Ghana, Travel Guide Accra Ghana.  This is the workshop of Seth Kane Kwei who invented the famous design coffins in the 1950’s. The National Archives of Ghana, The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Artists Alliance Gallery have great exposure for the tourists. The Arts Alliance Gallery, the Artist-run gallery over 3 floors with sculptures, fabrics and paintings. The Ghana’s Central Library, the Osu Castle, the Labadi Beach is from the most popular places in Accra for tourists. The Jamestown is the oldest part of Accra and remains an active fishing center. The University of Ghana is Ghana’s largest university is in Legon and is accessible by Tro-Tros from Madina. The lighthouse in Jamestown is another attention, dragging the place in Accra.Travel Guide Accra Ghana

The Expositions and Culture of Accra

Goethe Institute the  German institute responsible for movie screening and expositions. There is a regular Thursday movie screening. Travel Guide Accra Ghana.  A French institute, the Alliance Francaise d’Accra is, responsible to organize art performances and frequent concerts, etc.  The Accra Expat is the expat webpage informing about the planned events in Accra

Eat Around Accra: Drink in Pubs and Bars

The Osu, a environs of Accra, is known for its nightlife and a wide diversity of bistro, hotels, and many options for feasts. A concept lifestyle bistro, Café Dez Amis is placed close to Osu, offering coffees, sandwiches and salads, as well as cold fresh juices, and ice cream. Breakfast and fresh baked breads and pastries are available all day. The biggest entertainment district in town is the Oxford Street area, in Osu. Houses over a dozen different night venues, there is no shortage of assortment. Tantra: A late-night club, Duplex: Possibly the most popular venue, similar music to Tantra, Container: One of the genuine drinking icons, placed on Oxford Street., large beers about 3 Cedi. Epos: Another overgrown spot. Located a couple of blocks off Oxford Street. The Monsoon: Quality sushi restaurant, also has a smallish bar. Bella Roma: A nice Italian restaurant, transforms into a bar/club. Ryan’s Irish Pub: One of the few places in the area where you can order a pint. La Pleasure Beach: Located at Labadi Beach, is generally safe, and worth a look on a Wednesday. Firefly: A nice classy cocktail lounge in Osu near Citizen Kofi. Travel Guide Accra Ghana

Rest in, Accra

Fiesta Royale, the Gye Nyame Hotel, the Le Baron Hotel, the Meaglent Hotel, the PH Hotels Accra, the Korkdam Hotel, the Aplaku guesthouse, the Elmeiz Place Guest House, the Peace House Guest House and Eco-Lodge, Rosa’s Compound, Kokomleme/New Town, The Aknac Hotel, The Rising Phoenix Beach Resort and the Hotel Christianbourg on Dadebu Rd, Osu are from some of the best rest areas in the Accra.Travel Guide Accra Ghana

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