A Memorable Expedition to Africa

January 9, 2015

MemorableSome Important things about Africa are: Africa can be very cold indeed, Alongside desert, there are mountains and rainforests, Hippos are the big killers, You won’t need every shot in the book, French is useful — African French even better, You don’t need countless visas, But your car will need papers, and some of the Traveling tips for the Africa are take only one bag, Pack less as much as u can this is what makes work, Carry a power bar. Usually you can find food wherever you are, however for the small cost in space having something handy that gives you some energy, on mobile phones. You have two choices on your phone. Buy a cheap one when you get there and get a local SIM card. Get an unlocked phone before you leave and just buy a SIM card when you hit the ground.  Spread your money out. Never carry all your money in one place. Remember your power adapter. Know what the outlets are going to be like where you’re going so you can recharge your computer and/or camera.

memorable2Africa is well served by International airlines and its gateway airports are Johannesburg, Town, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. Have a look at our detailed Flights section for more information on airports as well as flying into and around Africa. For the more independent-minded guest, South Africa is great self-drive endpoints and appropriate automobiles can be borrowed and released off at their major airports. Security issues are no worse in Africa than the rest of the world.

memorable1Africa is a very miscellaneous landmass, with each country, or even each part of a country having its own unique culture. While it is common for people in the West to refer to Africa as if it was a single country, one should remember the pure size of the landmass, and that Africa is not one country but 54 different countries, meaning that it is incredible to make simplifications of Africa as a whole. As the second largest landmass, there is an extensive range of environments to be found. However, since the landmass is nearly placed on the equator, much of the landmass is quite warm/temperate with very few, small areas on the landmass facing any temperatures that can be measured “cold”. In the temperate regions temperatures generally range from the 10s C to the mid-30s°C.

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