Interesting Things about Nigeria during Travel

January 9, 2015
Interesting Things about Nigeria during Travel

Interesting Things about Nigeria during TravelNigeria is situated in Western Africa; the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most populous country of Africa. On May 5, 2010, Adua passed away, and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was avowed in as Nigeria’s newest president. Nigeria’s wealth is one of the fastest growing in the world and is the second largest in Africa. Nigeria has the highest population of all African countries and is the eighth most populous in the world.

Interesting Things about Nigeria 1Most Attractive things in Nigeria are Millennium Park, Kajuru Castle, Cross River National Park, Yankari Game Reserve, Idanre Hills, Awhum Waterfall, Gashaka Gumti National Park, Kamuku National Park, Okomu National Park, IITA Forest, Ibadan and the top things to do in Nigeria Lagos Attractions, Abuja Attractions, Kano Attractions, Lekki Attractions, Obudu Attractions, Madalla Attractions, Ibadan Attractions, Gurara Attractions, Port Harcourt Attractions.

Interesting Things about NigeriaNigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”, due to its large residents and economy. The country is occupied by over 500 ethnic groups, of which the three major are the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Regarding religion, Nigeria is roughly alienated in half between Christians, who live mostly in the southern and central parts of the country, and Muslims, determined mostly in the northern and southwestern regions.

 Interesting Things about Nigeria 2Nigeria takes its name from the Niger River, the third largest river in Africa. Nigeria is one of sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest rising economies. Nigeria has one of the world’s greatest birth rates for twins. It is Africa’s most populous country and one of the continent’s top oil producers. The largest butterfly diversity in the world can be found in the areas around Calabar, Cross River State. The drill monkey, one of the most endangered mammal species in Africa, can only be found in the wild in Nigeria and its bordering country of Cameroon. Majek Fashek, one of the more trendy reggae artists from the ’80s and early ’90s, is a Nigerian. Chinua Achebe, author of the victorious novel “Things Fall Apart,” was born in Southeastern Nigeria in 1930. When a Nigerian man gives a gift to a woman, he would say that the gift came from his wife, mother, sisters, etc., and not from himself.

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