Harare the Heart of Zimbabwe Harare Different Wildlife Parks,Destinations Description With Complete Guide

January 23, 2015
Harare the heart of Zimbabwe1

Harare, The Land of Wildlife Parks

Harare is the Capital city of Zimbabwe. It is well known for its Wildlife Parks and Museum’s. The main attraction of Harare is its Wildlife parks. A number of different and extinct species are present in those parks. Harare is the best place for those who are travelling addicts and want to explore wildlife closely and keenly.

There is a list of those parks and other attractions of Harare. We are going to explain some destinations for those who are going to visit Harare. The List is as follow

  • Wild is Life Trust
  • Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary
  • Mukuvisi Woodlands
  • Lion and Cheetah Park
  • Thetford Game Reservewild-is-life-grand-zimbabwe
  • Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary
  • Umfurudzi Park
  • Haka Game Park

Wilde is Life Park 

Wild is life is the one of the best and most attractive tourist spot in Harare Zimbabwe. It is a reserve which is full of different kinds of animal species including Lions, Cheetahs, Zebras, Giraffes and many more. Extinct species reptiles are also there and is best tourist attraction and wildlife lovers. Tourists are allowed to feed and get in touch with allowed animals only. Guided tours are also available there.

Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary 

Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary Zimbabwe. It is located in North side of Lake Chinvero. It has over 460 species of birds. Those include some different kind of extinct birds as well. Injured birds are also treated here. Tourist can enjoy viewing caged birds as well as free flying birds parks. Boating, Fishing, Camping and other different activates are also available here.


Lion and Cheetah Park 

Lion and Cheetah Park is one of the most beautiful wildlife parks . It is rich with a lot of Lions, Cheetahs, cubs and tigers of different kind. It is on 30 minutes’ drive outside Harare. Caged animals and guided tours on vehicles are available there. Uncaged Cubs can be seen there. The cost ranges between 5-7 Dollars depending on age.

Mukuvisi Woodlands 

Mukuvisi Woodlands are one the most precious woodlands for animal reserves. It is the largest habitat of wildlife . Due to a lot of deforestation in Zimbabwe a lot of species of animals got extinct. Mukuvisi Woodlands provide space to those animals .It is visited by over 18.000  students in last year to get knowledge about those species. Guided Tours are also available there. Safety and Precautionary measures are to be taken before the tour. These arrangements are also done by the management as possible.

Other Tourist spots of Harare Zimbabwe includeshqdefault

  • Balancing Stones
  • National Heroes Acre
  • Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences
  • Harare Gardens
  • National Botanic Gardens
  • Greenwood Park


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