Explore Accra, The Magnificent Ghananian Capital

January 23, 2015
Explore Accra, The Magnificent Ghananian Capital3

Explore Accra, The Magnificent Ghananian Capital3Accra is one of Africa’s intact capitals. It’s easy to get around Accra by Acra flights, tro tro or private taxi. Most of the areas are quite able of walking, but it is hot and humid, so it is better to stay hydrated with the readily available coconut stands and water caboose. It is best not to walk alone on the beach. The private guide is not required, but if one is travelling alone, it is always best to have a company of someone, who have some know how about the area. Explore Accra to get new Culture exploration.

As Accra gets very hot and humid weather, the best time to go is during the dry season from November to April. So just book your flight to Accra during the best season to explore the best place of Ghana. As far as festivals and events, it feels like every weekend is festive in Accra, so there is no specific week or time of year that is essential not to miss.Explore Accra to get new Culture exploration.

The flight to Accra, enables you to discover the beautiful Labadi Beach, just settled down to an ice cold Star lager, followed by delicious fried fish and spicy curdle. What a start to a vacation! The Labadi beach in Accra, pleasure beach or LA beach, as somebody calls it, is the most popular beach and prime, venue Explore Accra, The Magnificent Ghananian Capital1for relaxation in Accra. It’s an organized stretch of beach where you pay 5 Cedis to enter. In return you get a clean beach and no locals use it as a toilet. The Labadi beach is far away from a tropical beach with white sand. The water is a bit unclear or muddy. The sea temperature is cold to be as far south as Ghana is, much colder than in Kenya or Tanzania. The Labadi beach is located on Labadi road, towards Teshie on the east side of Accra downtown. The Labadi beach sand arts, an artist had his business on the beach by making sand figures. Many of the figures were quite nice. Some of the acrobats in Labadi beach have specialized them self to eat and swallow glass and then belch it up again. They break a bottle of beer on a table to get the fragment of glass. It is of course very dangerous, but the spectators pay to see it and they are known as the Labadi beach glass eater. Another attraction there are Labadi beach acrobats. The acrobats, jugglers and fisherman provide entertainment in Labadi beach, but all of them expect some money for the show. Explore Accra to get new Culture exploration.

Explore Accra, The Magnificent Ghananian CapitalTake your Accra flight to explore the astonishing Ghanaian capital. The Oxford Street, Osu is hip and happening on Oxford Street (Cantonments Road) in the up market area of Osu. Some of Accra’s best restaurants, bars and shops are on this way. The National Museum has wonderful displays about Ghana’s culture and history, including the slave-trade, and Ashanti Kingdom. The museum is open daily from 9am – 5pm. The Artists Alliance Gallery takes you all interested in contemporary art or fine art, you will be blown away by the Artists Alliance Gallery. Huge metal sculptures mix with antique Asafo flags, Kente cloth, furniture, and fantasy masks. One of Ghana’s most respected artists, Ablade Glover is responsible for this three story treasure-trove. Explore Accra to get new Culture exploration.

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