Best Tourists Attractions In Entebbe

January 21, 2015
Best Tourists Attractions in Entebbe2

Best Tourists Attractions in Entebbe2Entebbe city is another destination with lots of attractions you won’t want to miss. Just minutes away from Entebbe International Airport there are superb hotels, resort beaches, the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and much more. Take a flight to Entebbe and get yourself absorb in the nature. Entebbe Tourist Attraction

Entebbe is a pleasant town in Uganda, from where, one arrives or departs from the Pearl of Africa as it houses the International airport. Entebbe however, is much more than a town from where you can explore the various parks, places, islands, our national zoo and many more.

Entebbe has a pleasant climate to enjoy. It is on Lake Victoria and one can access various choice destinations from here, most of them boat ride or a short drive, and now even by plane or helicopter. Do not miss out on what Entebbe flight, take you to, and the surrounding area has to offer to enjoy the Uganda.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens are a great place to spend half or the full day here. Those who love flowers, trees, plants and birds do like to visit and meet the monkeys also here. The Entebbe Beaches, great place to relax and enjoy the sunset at these sights. The sunset along a beach over Lake Victoria and its Island is just an awesome view which locks the sight of the viewers.

Best Tourists Attractions in EntebbeThe Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebe is also known as Zoo and it is a great place to relax and walk around. It is located along with the Victoria Lake. The Ngamba which is famous for being the Champanzee Island. It is famous and interesting place among the Safari lovers. Visitors can stay overnight there and enjoy the Island and chimpanzees. It is a place to have direct interaction with chimpanzees and watch them during their feed hours.

The Mabamba Swamp, is one of the best places in Uganda to see the Shoebill Stork and other water birds. Snake Park is at a short drive from Entebbe. A place most likely to explore a great species of snakes and vipers as well. Ssese Island, admitted to be one of the best hidden Island Chain in the world. A place to enjoy the boat, fish, adventure & nature walk and best of all it is only a short ride away from the Entebbe.

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