Abuja Best Tourists Sights

January 9, 2015
Abuja Best Tourists Sights

Abuja Best Tourists SightsAbuja is the capital city of Nigeria, which is situated in its middle. Building Abuja according to plan in progress in the 1980s. It formally became Nigeria’s capital on 12th December 1991, replacing Lagos, which is regarded as its profitable capital and its most crowded city.  The illegal city area of Abuja has a population of well over three million and comprises the fourth major urban area in Nigeria, surpassed only by Lagos, Kano and Ibadan. If you are planning to stay in Abuja then Flights to Abuja are ready.

Abuja Best Tourists Sights1Some people income on the limits of the city lives in semi-developed rural areas such as Nyanya and Durumi. If you have to live in Abuja, there are in fact many things to see and do, if you don’t mind facing some risk. IBB Golf Course, The Hilton pool, The Mediterranean Hotel, The Hash House Harriers Run/Walk, The Dome,  Grand Square Supermarket, Chase Restaurant Terrace, Yankari National Park, The Durbar in Kano, Kano City itself, Suleja, Jos or Kaduna, Tour the National Assembl, Millennium Park, Abuja, National Children’s Park and Zoo, Abuja Arts and Craft Village, National Arboretum Abuja, Pedam Lake.

Gurara fallsGurara falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Abuja. The water is calm and you can swim the small ponds under the falls. There is the beach for picnic. The beautiful thing about this trip is that you can make a stopover at the famous Zuma Rock in Suleja. It is a double barreled fun trip. You would also find a large collection of Filipinos at Berger Life Camp.

The National Children’s Park and Zoo in Abuja has few animals and plenty of playgrounds and activities for children. The list of animals in the zoo varies but children will love it. This is the best place for you if you have friends that like picnic. Take your music and picnic box to Millennium Park at no fee and have fun in the nicely groomed natural park. Jabi Lake is man made in the heart of the city. It offers the closest to beach experience within the city. By the Lakeside, you can also have picnic with friends, rent a boat cruise or ride on a horse.

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